Upcom started the implementation of FerTility in the context of the Finish – FIware accelerator

FerTility is a platform that provides a reliable solution for fish producers to connect with their customers. With FerTility the current isolation between fish & shellfish producers and the consumers and the difficulty to approach each other will no longer exist. Consumers will have the ability to select fish from an aqua farm or a supplier (fisherman) of his choice, while there will be selections for the form of the fish (whole, head-off, filleted, gilled and gutted, de-scaled and gutted, de-scaled, gilled and gutted, etc.). Then, after placing the order, he will get the order in a predefined area. Several possibilities will exist, based on the availability of the client (pick up from a predefined place, etc.).

Stay tuned for more information on the evolution of the project!