Security Policy

The GM, the Senior Management Team and all employees are committed to an effective Information Security Management System in accordance with its strategic business objectives.

To that end, UPCOM for the process of SOFTWARE DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION in Athens:

    • Develops and implements measurable policies and processes while considering the protection of the organization’s information assets from all threats both internal and external
    • Reviews its strategic risk management context once a year
    • Foster customer confidence by acting in accordance with security standards and check systems
    • Continually improve the Information Security Management System through the establishment and regular review of measurable security objectives  at relevant functions and levels of the organization;
    • Commit to comply with business and legal regulatory requirements and contractual security obligations
    • Has set a mechanism for continual identification, assessment and treatment of threats of Information security.
    • Provides systems for protection against unauthorized access
    • Ensures confidentiality of data
    • Develops, implements, and tests a Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Continuity Plan
    • Creates mechanisms to identify and review the risk and impact of breaches in protected information
    • Communicates all pertinent security policies to Customers, Employees and other interested parties as applicable
    • Defines implements and communicates an Intellectual Property Rights Policy which reviews it yearly.
    • Defines, implements and communicates an Access Control Policy and a Remote Actions Policy which reviews them yearly.

The Management of UPCOM is committed to the Information Security Management System, and shall ensure that this policy is communicated, understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization and regularly reviewed for continual suitability.