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ESMA is an enterprise grade survey management application designed to periodically collect information from organisations and compare and analyse it, an improvement to typical survey management applications that concentrate on the end user information collection, ESMA is an ideal tool to document change and trends.


Super@pp is not just a super mobile application. It is an augmented SUPERmarket shopping experience ! It is about receiving personalized discounts and promotions DURING shopping; about taking care of personal shopping lists based on individual preferences and feedback from intelligent house devices BEFORE shopping; about communicating with spouse, guests and friends on forthcoming dinner AFTER shopping and about sharing.

Travel Companion

Travel Companion is a group inside Upcom dedicated to the platform and mobile applications that will make the life of travelers a real pleasure! The members of the group are young, talented, dynamic and focused on delivering the best experience for the traveler. They are composed of software engineers, UX experts, devops and travel industry professional with great passion for their work.

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