Bootstrap 101 Template

Bootstrap is now at version 3 and is mature enough to provide designers and developers with essential tools for the responsive and mobile projects. There are tons of useful components to choose from (buttons, menus, modals etc) and overriding the predefined styles is a matter of minutes. Below you will find a basic template that… Read more »

WS Security using Axis2 and Rampart

Currently in a project that requires signing all Web Service requests with a trusted certificate, I thought it would be easy to configure Axis2/Rampart to do what is required. It turned out to be a small headache! At first I had some problems understanding the concepts, but after all those documents I went through diagonally,… Read more »

Batch inserts in hibernate

We recently faced a performance issue with the insertion of a few thousand records in the database. Instead of the expected few seconds, the insertions took more than a minute! Checking the logs we realised that the problem was caused by the number of statements sent to the server than to any other bottleneck –… Read more »

Locking in MyISAM tables

In a recent application running on MySQL we frequently faced application deadlocks caused by irresponsive database. After looking at it carefully, in most of the cases, the tables were created using the MyISAM engine locking the entire table even when the user was just issuing long running SELECT statements. After changing the engine to InnoDB… Read more »

Recover JDeveloper 11g after crash

Occassionally JDeveloper fails to start after an abnormal termination. The reasons are not obvious, but this small trick will help you identify the problems behind the failure. Instead of starting JDeveloper from the normal jdeveloper.exe or a link pointing to it, start from the same directory by using the command jdev/bin/jdev.exe, passing the same parameters… Read more »