Age Gate Solution

Age Gate solution, offers a reliable age verification mechanism that can be used to control access to online resources, based on the user’s age. It includes a mobile app, which allows the users to transfer their date of birth, from a reliable Identity Provider that has certified their age (e.g. a bank or the government) to the central Age Gate server, using OAuth and/or OpenID Connect protocols.

After doing that, each time a user wants to access an age-restricted website, compliant with the Age Gate solution, he can simply tap his fingerprint or type a short PIN to his Age Gate mobile app, in order to prove his age. Age Gate lets the website know that the user is above or below the required age (according to the website’s age policy – e.g. >18), without revealing any other personal information about the user.

For more information on how the Age Gate solution works, you can watch a short introductory video on our company’s YouTube channel: